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sanitizers: C/C++ Source Code to Trigger Address and Undefined Behaviour Sanitizers

Recent gcc and clang compiler versions provide functionality to test for memory violations and other undefined behaviour; this is often referred to as "Address Sanitizer" (or 'ASAN') and "Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer" ('UBSAN'). The Writing R Extension manual describes this in some detail in Section 4.3 title "Checking Memory Access". . This feature has to be enabled in the corresponding binary, eg in R, which is somewhat involved as it also required a current compiler toolchain which is not yet widely available, or in the case of Windows, not available at all (via the common Rtools mechanism). . As an alternative, pre-built Docker containers such as the Rocker container 'r-devel-san' or the multi-purpose container 'r-debug' can be used. . This package then provides a means of testing the compiler setup as the known code failures provides in the sample code here should be detected correctly, whereas a default build of R will let the package pass. . The code samples are based on the examples from the Address Sanitizer Wiki at <>.

Authors:Dirk Eddelbuettel

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# Install sanitizers in R:
install.packages('sanitizers', repos = c('', ''))

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  • c++– GNU Standard C++ Library v3


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